Because what is audio without video? What is video without audio?

Ever since the first crazy protohuman said “Hold my rock a sec, I’m gonna try something,” we have been entertained by images and sound.

Hellbender Media does its best to honor that ancient tradition by presenting audio-visual entertainments of all sorts and flavors. From short weird movies, to feature films, to series, and to things… of a more unusual nature… we’ve never backed down from a challenge.

Hold my rock a sec…

Feature Films

Hellbender Media is pleased to offer a variety of strange feature films, to complement our collection of strange short movies.

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

H. P. Lovecraft’s epic tale of the courageous dreamer Randolph Carter and his search for the mystical sunset city by petitioning the gods of Kadath. During his journey, he travels deep into the world of dream, to the edge of the world, to the moon and back, and to the heights and depths of human and… inhuman experience.

Flesh of my Flesh

An embedded research team reveals themselves to rescue their own beleaguered rescue party. This triggers a snowball of betrayal, jealousy, love, and redemption, punctuated by bullets, pain, and death. After the bullets, pain, and death come more revelations.

High concept and low budget intersect in this gory psychotronic zombie romp.

The Dead

The Dead is about how we affect others. It’s about all the little and big changes that we make in the lives around us, sometimes through deliberate action, sometimes just by being ourselves.

This is what remains. Not a body, or a will or a bit of dirt, but lives that have been changed and altered.

Without Form, and Void

You may have thought you’ve seen the ultimate in profound religious programming, but Without Form, and Void brings you before the Creation, and reveals everything that leads up to the most significant event in the history of the Universe itself.

And more than that: Without Form, and Void‘s shocking — and painfully true — ending will remain with you for as long as you live.

Bone Cold

In the middle of nowhere, in the deep snowy wastes, a woman awakes with nothing. No tools, no clothes, no memory.

Desperate for answers, she struggles to find a way out of this hellish place, and to find her own meaning in the wilderness.


What lies beyond this fog? Beasts, redemption, annihilation? The only way to know for sure is to step through – but no one ever returns.


Hellbender Media is in production on a number of exciting series projects of all sorts and sizes.

Rose City Underground

Something dark and mysterious lies beneath the streets of Portland — something that has been quiet for year. Perhaps decades.

Perhaps centuries.

But now it’s waking up.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Not everyone’s going to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

For those of us who do, meet Highmile.

Highmile knows how to wander unscathed in the land of the undead.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse — for Zombies!

Not everyone’s going to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

But for those of us who don’t, there’s still a chance to thrive.

Meet Charli. She’s thriving.

Head of Household

Just because murder and mayhem are part of a family’s day-to-day routine doesn’t mean that that certain rules shouldn’t be followed.

After all, what are the neighbors to think?

Meet the most polite murdery people around.

Scuba Dooba Doo

A web series for divers!

Scuba Dooba Doo is the only web series (that we know of) which is filmed entirely underwater.

The Creative Draw

Writers, filmmakers, composers, actors, and artists all struggle with the same questions.

Their answers might surprise you.

Pointed Lessons

The oldest vampire in the New World lives in New Orleans.

That is where he has quietly hunted for centuries.

And he has a few things to teach us.

Short Films

Short films, like poetry, allow a story to be told quickly. Short movies allow exploration without huge commitment.

Animo Korvoj

A thriving mining town uncovers something profoundly unwholesome in this mysterious tale of the Old West.

What could any of us expect would happen?

Filmed entirely in Esperanto!


At the turn of the century, a group of pirates meet to swap tales and plan plunder.

But one is hungrier than the others…

…and he has a story to tell.

Come to Us

What could cause a human being to thrown in with a Deep One.

It better be an amazing promise!

(spoiler alert: it is)

Dark Hour

When darkness falls and the Moon comes out, a transformation occurs — followed by fury, death, pain, and ultimately regret.

A tale of ultimate tragedy, and…

…a werewolf story you’ve never seen before.

Full House

When the Greater Gods of the Lovecraft mythos get together, what horrifying mischief can they be up to?

And what games might they play?

Created as part of the Lovecraft Under the Gun competition.

Innsmouth Legacy

A woman from Innsmouth is desperate to escape the curse of her family.

But curses are tenacious things, and avoiding them sometimes just makes it worse.

Lord of the Rings

A delicious adaptation, this completely unlicensed parody covers every single chapter of the second most famous fantasy trilogy ever written.

Even Tom Bombadil.


Ages ago, our planet spun around the Sun alone, without a Moon, and upon its face there thrived a crystal race, who loved their god, and whose god loved them.

But then an intruder came…


In ReCreation, one man is forced by tragedy to confront the Universe and bend it to his will.

Sometimes in those exact forges we shine the most.

But whether or not we shine — will we survive?


Be careful about who you trust regarding your remains…

Even nowadays, when I run across these “we’ll freeze your head” people, I get nervous.

As should you.


Sometimes regretful things happen.

We still have to deal with those things, of course.

It’s best to not bury our mistakes.

At least not those kinds of mistakes.

They tend to catch up with you.


What’s it like to experience the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in person?

Shadowdog knows.

And Shadowdog tells all.

Terminal Reflections

Deep in the dreary impenetrable badlands of 2415’s Pacific Northwest, a lone adventurer seeks her future.

But when she finds her future, she discovers that her past has a way of catching up, too.

The Call of Cthulhu

Before there were classy adaptations of this short story, we came along and caused mischief.

Fancy mischief.

(spoiler alert: don’t answer the phone!)

The Perfect Mate

Love is a close sibling to a completely different kind of emotion.

A lesson for us all.

And philosophically, we are probably on pretty safe ground, here.

The Pumpkin Patch

Hellbender Media and Media F/X Productions joined forces to help Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff make his own movie.

A farmer’s pumpkin patch wins all the awards, but what is his secret?

Join us on set and find out if it worked!

The Statement of Randolph Carter

The Statement of Randolph Carter is an incursion into ancient terror in the middle of a lost cemetery deep within impenetrable woods.

Two men, who thought they knew each other…

Some things are hidden for a reason.

The Testament of Tom Jacoby

What happens when six men are trapped beneath a mountain in a massive cave-in?

What if one of them…

…wasn’t a very nice person?


Whenever you make a deal with a supernatural creature – no matter how good the sex is – read the fine print!

Workshop Films

As part of our popular filmmaking workshop, Hellbender Media/Guerrilla Productions has produced many hilarious short movies.


This time, Mr. Bauer must uncover a deadly plot to… alter people…

…in terrifying ways…

…with mysterious fluids, and…


37 Minutes

It’s time for journalists to get back to their roots…

…uncovering mischief!

Discover how pseudoscience really works in informercials

(free PSA!)

Blood in the Halls

Above all else, be safe out there, fandom!

Follow the rules!

Even the weird ones.

Especially the weird ones.


Sometimes, it’s the con within the con within the con…

But don’t go too deep…

…because when you come back…

…things may not be what they seem.

Con of the Dead

Zombies were people, too.

And still may be.


CSI: Norwescon

Is it murder most foul, or something even more sinister…?

Our Canadian Special, featuring Canadian stars, Canadian plotline, and…

…really polite people.

Cult of the Giant Brain


Now is the time of your destruction, Earthling!

Roll a saving throw.

Fantiques Roadshow

There’s no way of telling what oddball things fans may have lying around…

…and how deadly they may be.

Excerpt to try ’em out.

Intergalactic Bad Astra

Our first workshop film, wherein we attempt to take over the world.

With a rat.

But he’s a very clever rat, in his defense.

It Came from the Elevator!

The horror that is locked inside that little tiny box…

(not talking about gas, BTW)

(we did it before Shayamalan!)

It’s a Terrible Life

Even demons need your support.

Or rather, they need you to suffer so that they can earn their horns…

…which is very supportive of you.


All the news that fits!

Some news that doesn’t…

…but we crammed it in there anyway.

The Last Con on Earth

It started in the ancient days…

A cautionary tale from the far far future.

Told in Art Film Vision.

ManSlugs!: the making of “A Sci-Fi Original”

How do those movies get made?

Let’s start with the script…

…and go downhill from there.

March of the Fenguins

A rare species that we must all watch out for.

And steer clear of.

Good luck, Boot Hill Guy!

The Matricks

Neo may be The One, but there may also be some others…

…and some regrets.


Naming the Unnameable

We all speak of the Unnameable, but does that really mean it’s…


Or have we just not figured it out yet?

Run Frodo Run

The mashup we all needed to see:

Lord of the Rings plus Run Lola Run.

Now in repeat-o-vision!

Steve: portrait of a minion

Ancient gods need love, too.

Or at least minions.

But really, don’t we all need the occasional minion?

The Towering ConFerno

As we all say once we hear the foundations creaking:

“It’s a disaster!”

Too late to run!

Ultimate Survivor: Norwescon

Who will survive…

…Ultimate Survivor?!

(hint: not many)

Warehouse 36

A parody of the popular sci-fi series.

Now with all-new artifacts!

And a plot-twist to die for.

Weekend at Hellcon

Even the lesser demons need a little time out on occasion.

Trouble is, who messes with demons in their own element…?

…Someone even more mischievous.

World’s Deadliest Convention/Machinechete

A double-feature of hilarious proportions.

Low-Budget Filmmaking Tips

More about low-budget filmmaking than you could have imagined! This remarkable source represents decades of experience

The Low-Budget Filmmaking Tips is your ultimate guide to low-budget filmmaking!

HBM Streaming Theater

As a special premium to our Patreon subscribers, Hellbender Media hosts a little Streaming Theater, featuring many of our movies. If you want free access to the entire theater, then please join us at Hellbender Media’s Patreon page!