The oldest vampire in New Orleans

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Introducing Antoine — the oldest vampire in New Orleans.

Antoine has offered to reveal some (only some) of the secrets to being a successful vampire, particularly in a town where everyone is keeping their eyes out for a vampire.

As mortals, we are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to learn from this amazing creature, and we here at Hellbender Media urge you to not try and seek out Antoine on your own. If you have questions for him, feel free to ask us and we’ll pass it on, maybe make an episode to answer it!

Follow along with Antoine as he reveals basic survival tips for enjoying…

…a bite of New Orleans!


  • Antoine: Rick Hammontree
  • Renfield: Amber Bariaktari


  • Director: Edward Martin III
  • Writer: Edward Martin III
  • Writer: Amber Bariaktari
  • Writer: Rick Hammontree
  • Producer: Edward Martin III
  • Producer: Amber Bariaktari
  • Producer: Rick Hammontree
  • Locations: Liese Weber Hammontree
  • Costuming: Liese Weber Hammontree

Shot on location in New Orleans