The people who believe in us!

Thank you to all of our Patreons so much! You are the reason we put on the weird boots and go out and slog through mud. You are the reason we pull all-nighters and edit until our eyes bleed fire. You are the reason we stare at scripts and cry out “How can we make this even better?”

Thank you one and all!

  • Andrew Wakefield
  • Bob R. Harrison
  • Char Lynn Lea
  • D. Larabee
  • Deb Stone
  • Denise Monlux
  • DJ Bell
  • Elizabeth A. Zimmerman
  • Evan Baughfman
  • Jeffrey Howe
  • John R. Worsley
  • Kate Webb
  • Luke Armstrong
  • Lynelle Wilcox
  • Lynne Everett
  • Michelle Gamboa
  • Philotera
  • Rachel Rudometkin
  • Rachel Young
  • Trudi Villareal