Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Hellbender Media specializes in movies, books, games, and other media that embraces the strange, the peculiar, the weird, or might simply be a little off the beaten track.

Hellbender Media produces material that gets under our skin, that tickles us, or intrigues us. This way, we can at least say our soul’s clean.

We always hope our customers enjoy what we offer!

Why Hellbenders?

Hellbenders rock. They are the largest amphibian in the Americas. They are extremely picky about where they live, preferring fast-moving water with rocky bottoms, and the water must be extremely clean. They are voracious, eating pretty much anything they can get in their mouth. If they were big enough, they would be after you. Seriously. They would be stalking the streets above while we cowered in our own filth in hastily-built tunnels. They are polydactyl amphibious bad-assery.

They are also endangered, as of October 5, 2011. That sucks. Fortunately, there’s been at least one successful captive breeding. Let’s hope for more!

If you want to see what you can do to help Hellbenders, then visit Help the Hellbenders at Purdue Agriculture.