There are many ways to join this gang…

Thank you for your interest in Hellbender Media. The work we do here is an enormous amount of fun and we consider one of our primary goals to encourage anyone who wants to make their own books and movies to do so. With this in mind, we encourage you to explore your own options and capabilities. The technology’s out there, the technology’s inexpensive enough, and all it takes is a handful of friends who’ll stick with you as much as you’ll stick with them.

Please do not send scripts, stories, or queries to Hellbender Media, or loglines or story suggestions, or anything like any of that. These are your ideas and you have to make them happen. There’s no way we could do any more justice to them than you could. Understandably, it’s a tricky business, and we know how hard it is to get a script read, to pitch one simple concept, but we can’t help you other than to show you how we did ours. This is why we maintain Production Diaries online, where anyone can read them. This is why we maintain a discussion board. We do this so that you and other aspiring filmmakers can see and really understand that it can be done and that it can be done by you! That’s your power to wield as you see fit. We have our stories and we’ll tell them as best we can and we look forward to seeing your stories up on the screen, under your banner. That’s exciting!

From a legal standpoint, this is safest for us. Too many lawsuits, too much legal junk, too many hurt feelings. It’s easier this way. If we receive anything that looks like a script or a logline or a pitch or a synopsis, we’re just going to destroy it or delete it immediately. We can’t “just look at it”, we can’t “offer suggestions on it”, we can’t do anything with it. So please, save yourself the time and postage — don’t send stuff like that to us.

Thanks for your understanding.