Hear the call…

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Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over InnsmouthCome to Us attempts to capture the real lure, the essence of the invitation originally offered to the hearty inhabitants of Innsmouth. What could cause them to make such an unholy alliance?

Come to Us is mostly a spoken-word piece, and project-wise, an experiment in sound mastering. But from such humble beginnings, Come to Us has grown into a chilling and haunting monograph, that will rewrite the meaning of Exupery’s “…endless immensity of the sea” in your heart.



  • Writer/Director: Edward Martin III (IMDB listing)
  • Cinematographer: Eric Morgret (IMDB listing)
  • Music: Eric Nielsen
  • Sound Mastering: Eric Nielsen
  • Special thanks: Mark Vetanen (IMDB listing)