Our first workshop ever!

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Intergalactic Bad Astra was the very first workshop movie for our Let’s Make a Movie! workshop. We had no idea if the workshop would even, well, work.

Set the Wayback Machine to the year 2000, and the place to Norwescon, a Pacific Northwest science fiction convention, and throw a few filmmakers together with the express mission of making a movie, on-the-fly, with help and suggestions from the audience. The idea was pure nuts and pulling it off would have taken a miracle!

Which is pretty much what happened.

So goes the story: An alien, normally well-skilled at assessing planetary cultures, is sent to Earth to assess their tractability for invasion. Unfortunately, this particular alien (which transmogrifies from an oddly-shaved ratlike creature [who can truly understand alien fashion statements?!]) makes a small error in judgment and materializes at a science fiction convention. It becomes apparent to the would-be invader that humans appear to be quite varied, enormously powerful, practically jaded when it comes to aliens, and about as unpredictable as it comes. When “Jenner” confronts two men and discovers that human beings casually wield powers as mind-boggling as resurrection, his own mind shatters and he transmogrifies back into his native shape and reports to his homeworld that his mission is a complete and utter failure, that Earth must be left alone.

Because Intergalactic Bad Astra was the first movie in this workshop, there was no editing — we simply shot the entire story “in camera,” which worked out quite handily.

Learn more about the movie by checking out Ryan’s writeup on it!


  • Jenner: Chris Lightfoot


  • Written, Produced & Directed by Edward Martin III and Leopoldo Marino
  • Photographed by Ryan K. Johnson
  • Rat Wrangler: Lisa Boleyn