The most dangerous creature in all of Time and Space

From the vast and infernal reaches of Time and Space comes mankind’s ultimate conqueror: The Giant Brain! Shudder in fear! Shudder, I say!

For the first time, we took our Let’s Make a Movie! workshop on the road, and went to Baycon down in San Jose. Could we manage to translate the magic from our existing workshop to a place where no one knew us?

Apparently, if you have the right kind of decorations in your lobby, the answer is a mind-shattering Yes!

After driving for ten, twelve, fourteen, some unremembered number of hours, we arrived at the hotel completely mind-blown. As we walked past what is still some of the most hideous lobby decorations ever constructed, both Ryan and Edward casually remarked “Hey, those look like giant brains! Ha-ha!” Half a second later, they realized what had to happen.

Each room came with its own set of white robes, which made for a perfect Cult gathering, and one of our participants, Taunya Gren, happened to have a High Priestess outfit (what — you don’t? This is why she has more fun at parties). One thing led to another and suddenly we made Cult of the Giant Brain.

Behold the power of The Giant Brain to travel across all Time and Space! Behold the power of The Giant Brain to take over all humans! Behold the power of The Giant Brain to make demands and settle in to rule the Universe! Behold the power of The Giant Brain when suddenly it’s face-to-face with a man who has forgotten more about rules than any mere Giant Brain could ever hope to know — a Gamer!

That’s right, for those of you keeping score, this is our first movie in which the hero is a Gamer.

Don’t get used to it.

As with all movies we make for our Let’s Make a Movie! workshop, Cult of the Giant Brain was shot in two hours and edited in about six, with a little extra homework here and there.

Learn a little more about the movie by checking out Ryan’s writeup on it!


  • Voice of the Giant Brain: Edward Mokuri Cherlin
  • High Priestess: Taunya Gren
  • Gamer: Daniel Edmunds
  • Cultists: Seanna Ladd, ____________


  • Produced/Written by Ryan K. Johnson & Edward Martin III
  • Directed by Edward Martin III
  • Photographed by Ryan K. Johnson
  • Editing, Sound, and DVD authoring by Edward Martin III