Journalists uncovering mischief!

Unlike many of our movies, the plot of “37 Minutes” seemed to come together very quickly.

Most people have heard of the new drug “TQL-Alpha,” but few realize the world of lies and corruption hiding behind the curtains. While the purveyors of TQL-Alpha promise the drug gives users super powers such as flying, high speed, super strength, and force fields, the reality of the situation falls far, far short of the fantasy.

Our investigative reporter, Sorely Mayfair uncovers the sordid brutal truth.

As with all movies we make for our “Let’s Make a Movie!” workshop, 37 Minutes was shot in two hours and edited in about six, with a little extra homework here and there.

Learn more about the movie by checking out Ryan’s writeup on it!


  • Sorely Mayfair: David Tackett
  • Super Speed Girl: Dana Halfhill
  • Super Strength Girl: Isabella Banks
  • Flying Girl: Erika Kanmeyer
  • Forcefield Girl: Tina Anderson
  • Doctor Marcus Welby: Jesse Brocksmith
  • Regeneration Failure Girl: Madeline Virtue
  • Regeneration Failure Girl’s Arm: Shandra Bauer
  • Mayfair’s Intern: Thomas Gray
  • Inventor of TQL-Alpha: Mark Reddig
  • Selfie Girl: Anita Taylor
  • Informant: Ronald Lake
  • Informant’s Voice: Virgil Alexander Ulbricht-Paulus
  • TQL-Alpha Lawyers: C. Helga D., Laurel Parshall, Cy Paulus, Isy Ulbricht
  • Force Field Victim #1: Liz Dahlstrom
  • Force Field Victim #2: Dqniel Kaufman
  • Walter White: Mark Virtue


  • Produced by Edward Martin III, Brian D. Oberquell, Eric Morgret, and Ryan K. Johnson
  • Directed by Edward Martin III
  • Written by Edward Martin III and Ryan K. Johnson
  • Photographed and edited by Ryan K. Johnson
  • Lights: Mark Virtue
  • Sound: Doug Staudt
  • Interns: Mark Virtue, Madeline Virtue, Thomas W. Gray