Zombies were people, too!

This is one fun movie! Every year at Norwescon, we do the Let’s Make a Movie! workshop and this year, some of the biggest movies were all about people coming back from the dead and cannibalism (“…zombies are forever,” claimed Ryan during the planning session). So naturally, we found ourselves drawn to covering this previously unexplored territory.

Once again, we skirted the terrifying edge of parody and outrageousness with some really edgy stuff, much of which is certainly going to get us into trouble all over again every time we show it.

By all means, if you’re interested in this or other movies we’ve made at Norwescon, visit Ryan’s Norwescon movies page!

If you want to be in one of our movies, or help with one, just find the workshop at the next Norwescon. Seems like we usually have our first workshop Friday morning.


  • Redneck Wife: Debbie Lentz
  • Redneck Husband: Daniel Kaufman
  • Zombagra Voiceover: Katrina Martin
  • Hall Zombies: Leopoldo Marino, Theo Hill, ?
  • Registration Volunteer: ?
  • Zombie Keanu Reeves: Leopoldo Marino
  • Zombie Translator: Alexandra Paris
  • Zombie Activists: Theo Hill, ?, …
  • Zombie Pamphleter: Thaddeus ?
  • Scared Woman: Laurel Parshall
  • Pamphlet Reader: Sera Hartman
  • Steve Irwin: ?
  • Pool Zombies: Chris Anderson, Leopoldo Marino, David Tackett, Theo Hill, ?, …
  • Kurt Cobain fan: ?
  • Zombie Kurt Cobain: David Tackett
  • Bus Driver: Mark Dranek
  • Charlton Heston: David Tackett
  • Charlton Heston Wrangler: Ron ?
  • Zombie Soylent Green Fans: Theo Hill, Chelsea Gant, ?
  • Jesus Christ: Mike Reddig
  • Homeless Zombie: ?
  • Cafe Zombies: Theo Hill, Thaddeus Wilson, Leopoldo Marino, Chelsea Gant
  • Waitress: ?


  • Producers: Ryan K. Johnson and Brian D. Oberquell and Edward Martin III
  • Writers: Ryan K. Johnson and Brian D. Oberquell and Edward Martin III
  • Director: Edward Martin III
  • Cinematographer: Ryan K. Johnson
  • Assistant Directors: Ryan K. Johnson and Leopoldo Marino
  • Post-Production and Audio: Edward Martin III
  • Makeup: Lori Hillard
  • Props: David Tackett and Brian D. Oberquell and Janet Borkowski
  • Lighting/Electrical: Tom Lentz