Plots within plots within plots…

For Norwescon 36, we had the pleasure of a ton of ideas from a big and enthusiastic audience. Where it really gelled, however, was the moment we hit upon making a parody of Warehouse 13.

In this story, our two Agents from the Warehouse are hot on the trail of a “meta-artifact,” an artifact that is composed of smaller artifacts.

First, they try to acquire William Shatner’s toupee, but are foiled by crafty agents from another organization who steal the toupee right from under their bantering noses.

They next acquire Gandhi’s dhoti (taking it from a distressingly peaceful Klingon in such a fashion that common decency forbids us from showing), but again, agents from the other organization steal it when they aren’t paying attention.

As Artie becomes more desperate to prevent the pieces of the meta-artifact from falling into the wrong hands, our Investigators arrive too late to prevent the theft of Joss Whedon’s pen.

Finally, they come face-to-face with the minions of the other organization — operated by an evil figure known as Eitra — and have a shootout while trying to acquire the Denim Shirt of Billy Mays. They are stunned during the encounter and the shirt is lost.

They rush to stop Eitra from assembling the meta-artifact, but they arrive too late and in the middle of maniacal laughter, Eitra assembles the meta-artifact. It powers up in a flicker of brilliant light…

…but as things turn out, maybe assembling the meta-artifact wasn’t the best idea after all…

Also, check out Ryan’s writeup for Warehouse 36 on his page.


  • William Shatner: Mike Reddig
  • Warehouse Agents: Madeline Virtue, Umberto Lenzi
  • Artie: Jesse Brocksmith
  • Eitra: Brian J. Hunt
  • Klingon: Don Lake
  • Woman with pen: Sherry Kirk
  • Billy Mays: Mark Virtue
  • Minions: Janet Borkowski
  • Merged Artie: Brian D. Oberquell


  • Produced by Edward Martin III, Brian D. Oberquell, Lisa Sherman and Ryan K. Johnson
  • Directed by Edward Martin III
  • Photographed and edited by Ryan K. Johnson
  • Sound by Edward Martin III
  • Lighting: Doug Staudt
  • Intern: Keith Burnard