“The clock is ticking, Mr. Frodo…”

Once again, we skewered the most popular fan movie at the time and that was Lord of the Rings. At Norwescon, for our Let’s Make a Movie! workshop, the movie everyone who was anyone was talking about was, of course, Lord of the Rings (the Peter Jackson version, not the version we’re planning to do). Strangely enough, that seemed to fit right in with, um, Run Lola Run, which is a peculiar German action movie. Once again, all shot in-sequence, not much at all in the way of editing, we shot Run Frodo Run.

…in two hours, mind you.

Ryan K. Johnson, our cinematographer, has written an entire page talking about our Norwescon movies and he has more things he can say about it than I ever could. Visit his page, too!


  • Frodo Baggins: Theo Hill
  • Samwise Gamgee: Brian D. Oberquell
  • Gandalf: Sean Forbes
  • Bunnyman: Jesse Brocksmith
  • Sauron: Brian Hunt
  • Balrog: Dave Morse
  • Darth Vader: __________
  • Stormtroopers: __________
  • Big Angry Man: Dqniel Kaufman
  • Fangirls: Lori Hillard, Enrika Newbury, Alexandra Paris, __________
  • Orcs: Mark Dranek, Kate Waterous, Rachel Sinclair, Aarron Kemp