It started in the ancient days…

Norwescon 38 and what a year it was. This year, our audience came packed with all sorts of interesting ideas. But each one was a fragment, a section, maybe a single scene. Nothing really quite gelled…

Until someone said the magic word: “Apocalypse.”

Piece by piece, we carved our way toward a fascinating story, a story of the Apocalypse and what happens when it hits a convention, how things break down, where people end up, and what their final struggles represent.

In a flash of what could either be madness or brilliance, the entire story is told through the ancient voice of a Narrator, remembering what he can of the days when The End came.

He remembers music and joy. He remembers life as it was. Then he remembers when The End came and all the things that vanished, the signals and the power and the direction. He remembers vast unfinished projects lying fallow, and final desperate acts.

But ultimately, he remembers the one shining piece of knowledge that has kept him sane these long years…

…and I wouldn’t want to spoil it by revealing it here.


  • Voiceover: Jesse Brocksmith
  • Musician: Dara Korra’ti
  • Astonished Onlookers: David Tackett, Ericka _____________
  • Those Who Were Incommunicado: David Tackett, Anita Taylor, Janet Borkowski
  • Disconnected First Person Shooter: Mark Virtue
  • Badge Stealer: Lorelei Helga
  • Feral Children: Madeline Virtue, Griffin Reddig, _________, _________, _________
  • Gun Dealer: Mark Virtue
  • Gun Buyer: Dqniel Kaufman
  • Body: ___________
  • Cannibals: Dqniel Kaufman, Liz Dahlstrom, ___________, ____________, ____________
  • Dead Gamer: __________
  • New and Improved TV: Tom Kennedy, Anita Taylor
  • Ten-Minute Warning Guy: Steve Smith
  • Game of Thrones Mourner: Tina Anderson
  • Inspirational Starfleet Officer: Katrina Martin
  • Callous Shooter: Dqniel Kaufman
  • The Last Survivor: _____________


  • Producers: Edward Martin III, Brian D. Oberquell, Eric Morgret, and Ryan K. Johnson
  • Director: Edward Martin III
  • Written by: Edward Martin III, Ryan K. Johnson, and
  • Interns: Mark Virtue, Madeline Virtue, ____________
  • Photographed by: Ryan K. Johnson
  • Lighting: _____________
  • Editing: Ryan K. Johnson
  • Original soundtrack composer: Katrina Martin