Welcome to the secret within us…

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High concept and low budget intersect in Flesh of my Flesh, a gory zombie romp filled with bullets, betrayal, and bloodshed — and that’s before the zombies get involved!

Flesh of my Flesh chronicles mankind’s final hours in the last great war for existence. A secret hides within our society, within our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. At times, this secret reveals itself — the past, ancient times, prehistory — and those are days of hunger and terror. There are whispers of those times, stories told by descendants of the survivors, but they’re only fragments of the truth — only what we can hear without going mad out of self-preservation. We cannot handle the naked truth. With our machines and medicine and psychology, we think we’ve mastered the terrified monkey within, but when that thin shell of self-deceit tears away, when we face the truth, it shatters our mind. It always has. It always will.

An embedded research team reveals themselves to rescue their own beleaguered rescue party. This triggers a snowball of betrayal, jealousy, love, and redemption, punctuated by bullets, pain, and death. After the bullets, pain, and death come more revelations.



  • Nurse: Katrina Martin (IMDb listing)
  • Mike: Chase Fulton (IMDb listing)
  • Grampa: Brian Jones (IMDb listing)
  • Victoria: Liberty HarbourSwallow (IMDb listing)
  • Lori: Susan Spencer (IMDb listing)
  • Doctor Levinsky: Jodi M. Altendorf (IMDb listing)
  • Mark Love: Bill Kelley (IMDb listing)
  • Major Erick Vaas: Matthew Martin (IMDb listing)
  • Corporal Francis Adkins: Shannon Wills (IMDb listing)
  • Messenger: Charles Prince
  • Bruce Ayala: Rex Irae
  • Katherine Ayala: Heather Rose Pearson
  • Herbert West: Ron Richardson
  • Lindsey Corrigan: Tara Walker (IMDb listing)
  • Tom Reese: Gil Luna (IMDb listing)
  • Jeff Knapp: Tom Moorman
  • Iron John: Drew Barrios (IMDb listing)
  • Lieutenant Zombie: Paul Watts
  • Farm Boy Zombie: Jaime McFarland
  • Fred: Mad Martian (IMDb listing)
  • Scared Zombie: Richard Cox
  • Gate Guard: Michael Friedrichs (IMDb listing)
  • Private Carr: Anne Carr
  • Private Becker: Jim Becker (IMDb listing)
  • Private Kirk: Kevin M. Kirk
  • Private Osinski: Alex Osinski (IMDb listing)
  • Colonel Davies: Richard Mann
  • Radioman: Michael Harbour
  • Reluctant Pilot: Nature
  • Hospital Patients: James Deswart, Terry Lopata (IMDb listing)
  • Soldiers: Paul Asbury, Cameron Rhyne (IMDb listing), Alex Osinski
  • Medical Examiner: Sue Pethick
  • Human Victims: Nolon Ashley, Aurora, Autumn, Buddha, Jesse Camac, Jen Go, Anna Green, Michael Harbour, Patrick Kwan, Jeanne Mitchell, Alexandra Paris, Jaine Powers, Charisse Rene, Cameron Rhyne (IMDb listing), Toby Wickwire
  • Zombie Horde: Heather Abbott, Barclay Albright (IMDB listing), Reza Aleaziz, Jodi M. Altendorf (IMDb listing), Lorraine Bacuita, Terence Bacuita, Amanda Bailey, Andrew Baker, Damian Banki, Christine Becker, Gabriele Benedict, Greg Bigoni, Brian Bishop, Stephen Bolton, Julie Bond, Sven Bonnichsen, Gabby Brooks, Keagan Brooks, Rhoda Brooks, Doug Brumby, James W. Burgen Jr., Charles H. Carr, Barry Coghill, James B. Comstock, Kees Cook, April Danger Cox, Jonah Danger, Autumn Dawley, Lily Delaney, Chris Dorr, Tim Dufala, Jacob Dunn, Brenna Dykman, Miriam Elman, Debra Erickson, Joslyn Erickson, Alex T. Evans, George Evans, George M. Evans, Lois M. Feuerle, Sandy Finch, Patrick Fitzgibbons, Kristen Flora, Casey Ford-Webb, Scott Freshner, Robert Frisbee, David Frostad, Heather Garcia, Andrew Garrettson (IMDb listing), Shawn Garrison, Victoria Geyer, Matthew A. Gibbs, Marina Giorgi, Jennifer Go, Nick Gradt, Kurt Granzow, Mary E. Grimshaw, Kevin S. Grisell, Damian Gudino, Tarika Hananait, Jeremy Hansen, Jonny Harbin, Michael Harbour (IMDb listing), Liberty HarbourSwallow, Karyn “Cal” Harmon, Sarah Hayes, Brendt W. Hess, Laurel S. Hess, Scott Hibbetts, Maryjane Hoadley, Nate Hoffen, Brad Holden, Joseph Hundley, Elizabeth Hunt, James Hunt, Katherine Hunt, Aaron D. Huntington, Rebecca Huntington, Travis Huntington (IMDb listing), Jamie M. Hutchinson, Phillip Hutton, Eri Ichimura, Brenda Jeffers, Katherine Jenkins, Laura Jenkins, Jeffrey F. Jenkins Jr., Cassandra Johnston, Steven T. Kaminsky, Garth W. Kaufman, Todd Kelley, Kris Krattiger, Gretchin Lair, Rich Landar, Daria Landar, Harry Lane, Nik Lane, Teresa Lane, John Lawson, Amber Lea (IMDb listing), Barbara Leese, Jonathan Lett, Clyde Lewis, Kristin “Muffin” Lieser, Roslyn G. Lindquist, Daniel Linn, Lilian Lust, Alice Luxton, Josh Lynch, Julie Macalister, Kate Macdonald, Michael Mager, Andy Mangels (IMDb listing), Jonathan Manley, Sylvia L. Mann, Leopoldo Mariño (IMDb listing), Tara Mariño, Sarah L. Covert, E. C. Mathews (IMDb listing), Angi McFarland, Jaime McFarland, Tim McGaff, Shawn McKay, Ashley Mercado, Stephen Mesa, Andrew Migliore (IMDb listing), Paul Miller, Angie Mohagen, Alison Brooke Monfort, Christine Moore, Holly Morgan, Tristan Mudd, Melody Murphy, Adriane Myers, Karli Nabours-Palermo, Alex M. Neal, Amy Neitzel, Harriet Nixon, Lisa Ommert, Danny Oxman, Emily Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Alexandra Paris, Al Partridge, Christene E. Peabody, Michael Pearce (IMDb listing), Chris “Chrispy” Perisho, Christian Platt (IMDb listing), Barbara Polizzi, Katherine Poor, Frank H. Prevatt, Jr., Charles C. Prince, Patricio Ramirez, Joelle Rash, Cameron Rhyne, Brian Rice, Catherine E. Ridenour, Dean Rodgers, Marcos Rosero, Alex Santos, Rocky Savage, Steven Sellers, Shaiyel Seltzer, Wendy Showell, Melody Singman, Liv Rainey-Smith (IMDb listing), Michael C. Smith (IMDb listing), Aaron D. Smith, Sohei, Susan Spencer (IMDb listing), Dustin Stallings, Ed Stastny, Jennifer Stein, Helen-Ruth Stephens, Greg Stoker (IMDb listing), Kelsey Stokes, Dwight Stone (IMDb listing), Glenn Storm, Sean Strauss (IMDb listing), Kirk Stubblefield, Brandt Sundholm, Nicole Swearingen, Mitch Talbot, Stacie Thering, Rebecca Thompson, Brett A. Tramposh, Saxon Umberger, Tasha Underhill, Lorne Vaught, Mark Vetanen (IMDb listing), Doug Walters (IMDb listing), Briana Weber, Natalie Weintraub, Paul F. Weir III, Rusty Weise, David West, Teresa White, Jason A. White, Toby Wickwire, Lorin Wilkerson, Teddy L. Wilson Jr., Gary Wolfe, Alisa C. Wood-Walters (IMDb listing), Nicholas Yardley, Kristin Yount, Kyle Yount, Donald Zeck


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