Where there is no immunity!

This is another short movie we did for a movie-making workshop at Norwescon (2003). Last year, we toyed around with the idea of adding a post-production editing workshop and this year, we did it. After the shoot, Ryan, Brian, Leopoldo and I spent four hours in a hotel room banging a pretty nifty edit of the movie together. Then, in the two-hour editing workshop, we talked a little about editing, how we edited some of the clips, and then showed the finished product. Wow, the response was great!

It has always been the goal of these workshops to get people into making their own movies and for this reason, we’ve been avoiding digital editing because the tools were so expensive. But tools are cheap enough such that we can expect anyone can use ’em. After all, you can go to Fry’s or Circuit City and buy digital video editing software for about twenty bucks (Okay, not software that’s loaded with features, but something you can use to put together an amateur film absolutely!). So, it made perfectly good sense to add this aspect to the filmmaking workshop.

Ryan K. Johnson wrote up a terrific bit about the movie at his website. By all means, check out Ryan’s writeup of Ultimate Survivor: Norwescon.


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