All the news that fits!

For our tenth year at Norwescon, we were looking forward to seeing what the workshop came up with.

One of the things I’ve been enjoying is each year asking who was new to the workshop and who’s taken it before. Consistently, it’s been about half and half, and I like that. It’s great that people like it enough to come back every year and take it again, and it’s also really terrific that people read about it and are intrigued enough to come out to it with fresh eyes and young, innocent minds, ripe for corruption.

This year, turns out the idea that lit everyone on fire was a variety news show: KNWC.

The basic setup was our two anchors, Lori Hillard and Sandi Hogben, bring convention goers all the news they needed to navigate the treacherous waters of fandom. Sprinkled in and around that, however, were lots of great bonus things, including hilarious commercials, on-the-spot war correspondents, various clips from the Lifestyles, Entertainment, Sports, and other departments, and the World’s Grimmist Series Of Financial Correspondent clips.

Mike Reddig and Brian Hunt spent the previous night writing up an huge string of “instant news” that appears on the constantly-running ticker tape at the bottom of the screen, and Tristan Levine build all the logos and graphics. It was truly a multimedia extravaganza, and a very satisfying conclusion to another workshop!

Learn more about the movie by checking out Ryan’s writeup on it!


  • Anchors: Lori Hillard, Sandi Hogben
  • Roving Correspondent: Dave Tackett
  • Scared Guest: Deborah Olson
  • Gamers: Laurel Parshall, Brian Hunt, Don Lake
  • War Correspondent: Cory __________
  • Financial Correspondents: Kate Waterous, Dana Halfhill, Ron Lake, __________
  • Traffic Correspondent: Mike Reddig
  • Sports Correspondent: Megan __________
  • Entertainment Correspondent: Anita Taylor
  • Soap PSA: Deborah Olson
  • Lifestyle Correspondent: Tina Anderson
  • Magical Con Fairy: Dqniel Kaufman


  • Produced by Edward Martin III, Brian D. Oberquell, Eric Morgret and Ryan K. Johnson
  • Directed by Edward Martin III
  • Written by Edward Martin III, Ryan K. Johnson & the cast
  • Crawl Written by Mike Reddig and Brian Hunt
  • Photographed by Ryan K. Johnson
  • Edited by Ryan K. Johnson and Edward Martin III
  • Graphics: Tristan Levine
  • Sound and DVD authoring by Edward Martin III