Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #6

Although we might need a gritty reboot of Gilligan’s Island.

Pick one person to figure out what the actors are wearing during each “day” and to keep track of that for everything you shoot. Give that person the authority to keep costumes and props with them. Unless you’re shooting Gilligan’s Island, people change clothes once a day. The viewers will notice.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #5

Where the buck actually does stop!

The Director determines the mood of the set. If the Director is cheerful and having a good time, chances are everyone else will be, too. If the Director is being bitchy and fussy and demanding, everyone else gets that way, too. It’s a law of nature.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #4

Sand makes for a terrible foundation

Make sure the story makes sense and the script makes sense before you start. Cause and effect should make sense. Motivations should be pretty clear. What happens at different times and places should be obvious. The script is the blueprint, and everybody uses it. Where it’s weak, everything else is weak.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #3

Of course, without a broom, you’re hosed…

Get it right on set – fixing it in post takes ten times as long and is twenty times as expensive as doing it again right there. Probably more, by the time you read this. Yes, I’m guilty of saying “we can fix that in post.” And for each of those instances, yes, I suck.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #2

Jump in the Line…

Rehearse any physical effect or stunt. Film the rehearsals in case you need some handy pickup footage. If people are rehearsing a physical effect or stunt in costume, even better. After a half dozen rehearsals, you may find that you have the footage you need, with everyone relaxed and focused during shooting. But that’s just a bonus. Rehearse the crazy stuff regardless.

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Shriekfest 2019

UPDATE: The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley won Best Feature Script in competition! Woo-hoo!

Hellbender Media is thrilled and very proud to be competing in the screenplay competition at Shriekfest this year, this time with two scripts: The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley and Shock Troops.

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Versus Comic Con

Hellbender Media will be at Versus Comic Con. In addition to our merch table in the vendors’ room, we’ll be hosting game demos for our new game Hacked Off, and hosting a discussion on low-budget filmmaking.

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The Portland Horror Film Festival

Hellbender Media is deeeeeelighted to announce that our short Smooth Moves is one of the films in the bumper competition. Starring Brandie Sylfae and Bill Kelley, Smooth Moves is part of a web series called Head of Household about a delightful family of murderers. Yay!

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Norwescon 39

The Hellbender Filmmaking Workshop – in glorious color, 100% gluten- and GMO-free! A weekend-long workshop where participants learn hands-on about filmmaking by making a movie that weekend.