Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #69

What did you expect for Tip #69?!

Don’t sleep with your leads, your stars. Sure, they’re attractive as crazy, but right now, your priority is making a movie.

After the movie’s done, if you guys still want to, fill your boots, but the project’s more important than getting laid.

In retrospect: To be clear, I have never done this, and my reasons historically have been that this kind of energy detracts from the film work. That said, I have also grown in my understanding over the decade or more since I wrote this, and categorically condemn any and all forms of this kind of relationship during production as the power differential makes it pretty much straight-up sexual harassment, and that is incredibly inappropriate and makes everything worse. I leave this tip in (with this Retrospective note) to underscore that there is always something more to learn, and learning to do better and to be better is a good thing.

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