Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #120

“It’s pretty nice work, considering the source…”

You may run across people who try to discourage you. They may not even mean to do it, but whenever you talk with them, you’re discouraged. Your best defense is the following mantra: “Just get the shot.” Most of the folks who are discouraging are really trying to discourage themselves. Don’t buy into their limitations.

It’s funny — I hadn’t realized until just recently that there are people who are encouraging on the outside, but somehow, no matter what they say, when you walk away from them, you feel as if you can do less than you thought. I don’t think it’s mean or anything, it’s just kinda’ how they are, I guess.

Best defense against that is to keep yer chin up, to keep your mantra alive, and to keep shooting.

Either they catch up and get in the swing of things, or they don’t.

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