Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #120

“It’s pretty nice work, considering the source…”

You may run across people who try to discourage you. They may not even mean to do it, but whenever you talk with them, you’re discouraged. Your best defense is the following mantra: “Just get the shot.” Most of the folks who are discouraging are really trying to discourage themselves. Don’t buy into their limitations.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #31

Get. The. Shot.

There are three words that should drive everything in Production: “Get the shot.” The only two types of activities on set are activities that help get the shot and activities that are preventing the shot. Keep the former going, and minimize the latter. Food belongs to the former category, by the way.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #19

…or hate it, but I recommend against that.

Making movies is fun. Never forget that. Maybe some folks do it only for the money, but I doubt it. I think they still want to have fun, and making movies is fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re probably not doing it right. Don’t get me wrong — it can be hard work, but the big picture is that it should be fun. Have fun!

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Tip #10

But not the single malt.

Sometimes, after a late shoot, when everyone’s busted hump and created Great Things, it’s okay to overspend the Craft Services budget and treat ‘em to a few beers, or a hot meal at the nearby tavern. Everybody can use a little occasional decompression time with the gang.

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