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Welcome to November 2022’s edition of Invocation, Hellbender Media’s email newsletter. We remain happy as a clam that you’ve joined us. And we speak fluent clam, so we know!

“The usual check-in…”

The pandemic really threw a monkeywrench into everyone’s works and we know we aren’t the only ones. All of us here at Hellbender Media hope that you and yours are happy, healthy, hale, and hearty.

New Book: Fully Functional: a cross-cultural collaboration, reaching out to organics

The universe is space and time, woven together, but it is also love and intention. That is the foundation of reality. Fully Functional explores how an android or an AI might feel about its organic lover. Each page is a different poem, a different facet of that expression. Like all poets in love, sometimes our AI is awkward, sometimes pointed, and sometimes just… absolutely perfect.

It is almost certain that each of us will find something in this book that speaks to us, or that speaks to what we would think of us, if we were a nearly-immortal AI. Read the book from cover to cover, or just open it to any page you like – you’re sure to find something strange and delightful inside.

Today’s special: Between now and the end of November, the autographed edition (available only on the HBM website) is $15 – which is 50% off! Sale ends November 30, so order now!

Fully Functional is available on Amazon
Fully Functional is also available in the HBM web store!

New Book: Tooth, Claw, & Heart: Exalting the Lupine Rampant

When that silver Moon shines high in the night, you will hear many howls, but the ones that matter are the voices of experience, the wise voices, the ones who have survived so far in this crazy world. Some of those voices are in this book. This is the advice every new werewolf needs (and a few older ones), on how to be the best werewolf they can be.

Written in a non-linear format, the magic of Tooth, Claw, & Heart happens when you open it to a page at random. Think about what you want to understand better, and then simply open the book. Chances are, that’s exactly the page you needed!

Today’s special: Between now and the end of November, the autographed edition (available only on the HBM website) is $15 – which is 50% off! Sale ends November 30, so order now!

Tooth, Claw, & Heart now available on Amazon!
Tooth, Claw, & Heart available in the HBM web store!

Speaking of Books…

If you are local to Portland, come check out the Portland Holiday Market. The event is quite huge, and features hundreds of vendors. We’ll be there on Friday (November 18 only) as part of the NIWA (Northwest Independent Writers Association) table (booth 744), selling all our book titles, so if you want one of our books and you want it right away, come on by! There are other great books there, too, so if you are a ready and want to check out some of the best of independent PNW publishing, check out the NIWA table.

The Portland Holiday Market is November 17-20 from 10am to 6pm at the Portland Expo Center.

Patreon and Hellbender Theater

More than just a kind of fan club, Patreon offers us an opportunity to showcase behind-the-scenes stuff, ongoing projects, goofy little things, and even streaming movies! So if you’re a member of our Patreon group (and it’s a damn bargain if I do say so myself), in addition to all the free content, and advance content and behind-the-scenes content that you get on the Patreon site, you also are able to watch many of our movies streaming, directly from the website.

Here’s how it works: Navigate to HellbenderMedia.com, check out a movie you want to watch. If you see a yellow watch-tab that reads “HBM Theater,” then click it. You are prompted to sign into the site using your Patreon account (we never see your credentials, it’s all handled through Patreon’s API), and then you can watch that movie for free!

Join us at Patreon: Patreon.com/HellbenderMedia

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