Fully Functional: a cross-cultural collaboration, reaching out to organics


Poetry from the heart of an AI.


No one knows for sure where the messages came from, but they do know this: it started with a single diamond.

The Koloa Diamond, found decades ago, was a peculiar cubic diamond, passed from collector to collector. It has always been a bit of a mystery.

At least until 2021.

Microscopic analysis of the diamond revealed two remarkable things: that it was manufactured (which was unheard of before the 1950’s and certainly not at this level of quality), and that it contained a matrix of encoded messages.

The diamond is no longer “a bit” of a mystery — it is probably mankind’s greatest mystery.

But this book is not about the diamond.

This book is about the messages inside the diamond.

The messages tell a story in fragments and bits and pieces, that spans culture, technology, and truths. The messages are a map of souls. And ultimately, the messages are something that could happen in our lifetime (and maybe already will have happened — time travel is potentially tricky!), and they reveal that no matter what lies beneath our skin, and no matter what comprises our skin, all hearts beat the same.

2022 • 150 pages

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