“Seeds” to premiere at the Portland Horror Film Festival


“Seeds” to premiere at the Portland Horror Film Festival.

Hellbender Media’s new short production “Seeds” explores a special and unique kind of loss — and in doing so offers a terrifying perspective on that loss.

About “Seeds”

In 2021, filmmakers Amber Bariaktari, Craig Ouellette, and Edward Martin III attended The Portland Horror Film Festival. As they were reviewing the schedule, they noticed a gap on a Saturday morning. The joke was “that’s big enough to make a movie in” and one thing led to another and before a lamblike demon could thrice shake its tail, a script had been concocted, a location locked, and filmmaking was planned.

About The Portland Horror Film Festival

The Portland Horror Film Festival™ is the first dedicated all Horror genre film festival in Portland, OR. Festival directors Gwen and Brian Callahan are also the directors of the popular H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival®, (originally founded by Andrew Migliore, the HPLFF has been a Portland institution for over 20 years!), and also organized Zompire: The Undead Film Festival from 2012-2014. After noting an increase in high quality film submissions that didn’t quite fit the narrow Lovecraftian or Weird Tale format, they created PHFF out of a desire to showcase independent horror films from all sub-genres. With annual screenings featuring regional and world premieres, visiting Filmmaker Q&A sessions, and the best audience in the world, Portland Horror Film Festival is a vibrant outpost of independent horror in the Pacific Northwest.

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