What’s the Skinny?

What am I working on right now?

People all have stories they love to tell, but, when the campfires lower and the night sounds rise, they often tell the stories they keep secret. If we listen, we can hear those stories. And if we believe those stories, then the world has just become much more interesting.

Jack Harlowe’s life is believing the stories he hears. People know this and they tell him more. They tell him the unbelievable stories. Late at night, alone on the road, whispered over tables in smoke-filled shelters, they tell him their stories, and he believes them. Then he writes them down.

Introducing Terror Stories from the Territories, a curated collection of unbelievable tales, drawn from the books and notes and research of a mysterious and timeless traveler.

Each volume of Terror Stories from the Territories includes at least ten weird and dangerous tales, and each volume’s theme is different. Some volumes feature tales from the deepest ocean, some feature tales of dark gods, some feature whispered legends from desert arroyos, and more. Each volume is unique, and the entire collection (seventeen books and counting…) is a breathtaking adventure.

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