Down this path lie madness

Welcome to Terror Stories from the Territories, from the lost journals of Jack Harlowe, who’s traveled the world to hear stories from the underside of existence, and from the dark and weird corners of the Earth.

Each volume’s theme drives the stories inside it, and each volume is its own collection of special adventures. Themes include special locations (desert, ocean, arctic, space, etc.), or special themes (Lovecraftian, end of the world, creature feature, etc.)

In each volume are ten compelling stories of dark mystery and horror.

From the author: “For each and every story in this collection, if it didn’t freak me out or send a shiver down my spine, or leave me disturbed, then it’s not in this collection. I’ve tried to create the best experience possible with each book.”

Find each volume below, more details about it, its release date (where known), and links to add it to your collection!

Volume 1: Humanity is Such Easy Prey

Sometimes people deserve to be hunted. Here are the experts.

Book 1 of Terror Stories from the Territories publishes:

Volume 2: Horror Under the Green

Beneath the tranquil green of the forest lie horrors unimagined.

Volume 3: Beneath the Waves

The ocean depths have called to us for time immemorial, but what are those voices really asking?

Volume 4: Between the City’s Shadows

Between the skeletons of human construction whispers dark voices bent on evil.

Volume 5: Mayhem, Death, and Fresh Air

No peaceful weekend in the country would be complete without unexpected terrors.

Volume 6: A Fear-Filled Vacuum

Many have said space is the ultimate emotionless evil, but have they ever really looked to see what was in space?

Volume 7: Terror from the Ice

It’s more than simply ice and cold that are willing to bite.

Volume 8: The Deadliest Enemy

Monsters can be scary, sure, but for darkest evil, stare into a mirror.

Volume 9: Death in the Drylands

On all planets in all time, deserts are the final end of all… or at least we thought so.

Volume 10: The Clock’s Final Tick

All worlds come to an end, and especially our own.

Volume 11: Through Folds of Space and Time

In no mathematics of normal humans can it be possible to create such horror.

Volume 12: …Whither Comes Great Destruction

We are surrounded by the godlike, but it’s our doom they seek.

Volume 13: Providential Pandemonium

Cosmic and Lovecraftian horror, timeless, spaceless, formless, and eternal.

Volume 14: Incantations of Finality

Magic is in the air… and it’s coming for us all.

Volume 15: Voices of Skin and Bone

Listen to the voices of skin and bone, they scream silent in our bodies.

Volume 16: The Eyes of the Overlords

We are watched by eyes and hearts with dark motives.

Volume 17: The Eyes of a Child

Coming soon!

As a child sees, the world might be a dream, or a nightmare. Probably the latter.

This volume of Terror Stories from the Territories explores the scary edges of reality from the perspective of those with the innocence to see it all: children.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to see things as a child sees them, then maybe you forgot what it was like seeing things as a child.

Terror Stories from the Territories: The Eyes of a Child contains the following tales:

  • Fresh Eyes – Babies have a certain… unique perspective on the world.
  • Toaster – Parenting is tricky — read the manual.
  • Masked – Sharing makes the world go ’round.
  • Halloween – Parents occasionally offer good advice.
  • Neighborhood Toy Share – Be willing. Be flexible.
  • Best Friends – It’s good to have friends
  • The Bed – Don’t be afraid.
  • Protection – Avoiding bullies can introduce far more complicated situations.
  • Sliding Home – Everybody deserves a warm home.
  • Toys – Some people are impossible to shop for.
  • Scooter and His Peanuts – That’s what friends are for!
  • Cult of Plastic – We all want to belong, but what are we willing to do?

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Volume 18: The Talisman

In your hand may lie a power beyond sanity.

Projected 2025!