Down this path lie madness

Welcome to Terror Stories from the Territories!

Each volume’s theme drives the stories inside it, and each volume is its own collection of special adventures. Themes include special locations (desert, ocean, arctic, space, etc.), or special themes (Lovecraftian, end of the world, creature feature, etc.)

In each volume are ten compelling stories of dark mystery and horror.

From the author: “For each and every story in this collection, if it didn’t freak me out or send a shiver down my spine, or leave me disturbed, then it’s not in this collection. I’ve tried to create the best experience possible with each book.”

Find each volume below, more details about it, its release date (where known), and links to add it to your collection!

Volume 1: Man is Such Easy Prey

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Volume 2: Horror Under the Green

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Volume 3: Beneath the Waves

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Volume 4: Between the City’s Shadows

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Volume 5: Mayhem, Death, and Fresh Air

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Volume 6: A Fear-Filled Vacuum

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Volume 7: Terror from the Ice

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