The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley


A breakneck-speed tale of disaster and mayhem at the edge of the end of the world.


Hatchet Valley’s a deep rocky cleft in the earth, where people live when they’re too mean or too weird to live anywhere else. Some are brought there against their will, and some by circumstance and bad luck. Whoever they are, they carry secrets, and there’s no tinder dryer than a room filled with people carrying secrets.

Between these rocky walls, a catalyst drops, a peculiar artifact, and a harbinger. From it spreads a rapidly spreading wave of tooth, claw, and hunger. Something’s entered the valley, and dusk in Hatchet Valley rapidly becomes a time of slaughter. These beasts are no longer people, and no longer animals, but they are voracious, fast, cunning, and deadly.

Those who aren’t mown down are driven to the very end of the valley, to a single cabin. Here, surrounded by beasts, eleven strangers fight to survive until dawn, struggling to understand what’s hunting them. But survival’s not easy when everyone has a secret, and the secrets people carry to Hatchet Valley are the kinds of secrets that can get you killed.

Before the end of the night, the survivors start to wonder if their chances won’t be better outside the cabin, and at the same time, they reckon with the fact that their actions won’t simply decide their own lives, but may affect all life on the planet.

2023 • 240 pages

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