Never lose your head!

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“And next time I see you, you better show some humility!”

The Chief of your Zombie Nest glares one last time at your severed head, and then leads the rest of the Tribe off to the new Nest location.

How embarrassing!

As a zombie from the Flesh of my Flesh universe, losing your head doesn’t kill you, but it sure can put a damper on your day. It’ll take time to forage and scavenge enough material to build a new body, but you’re determined to do it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find some useful tools, maybe even a weapon or two.

Regardless, you’re not the kind of zombie that’s going to let a little beheading get between you and your ultimate goal: to rule the Zombie Tribe!

Humility indeed!

Contents: 216 cards, rule sheet, gory attitude

Game Design: Peter Ingebretson
Game Artwork: Sterling Denham
Graphic Design: Leslie Harker

Special Thanks to our Game Testers:

Joseph Buckmaster, Conrad DeBrand, Wendi Dunlap, Diana Groseclose-Larabee, Miranda Gyldersleve, Paige Gyldersleve, Scott Hibbetts, Rachel James, Zhixin Jiang, Aarron Kemp, James Kocher, Sean Larabee, Lightfoot, Katrina Martin, Lightfoot McBride, Travis Peters, Josh Pollak, Max Rebuschatis, Leumis Richardson, Mark Santander, Ryan Seiff, John Smith, Aaron Staley, Rob Varga, Chris Watts, Elizabeth West, and Wednesdey Yermolenko

Game FAQ

Just a little help to get you started if you get stuck…

  • No dice?
    We’re taking a page from the book of Cheapass Games. Dice are surprisingly pricey to add to a game, and chances are good that you already have a few lying around. And if not, then, as the kids say “There’s an app for that.” But if for some reason dice become dear, the next iteration may include special zombie dice. Because that might be cool.
  • How many cards can you play on yourself?
    As per the rules, play a card — meaning only one. There may be cards that let you play another card on yourself right away, but if so, it’ll say so right on the card. Without directions to the contrary, though, play one card, then complete your turn.
  • Some weapons have “to hit” or “damage” values that are absolute numbers, but some have “+” and “-”. What does that mean?
    In some cases (a gun being a good example), a weapon will cause the same amount of damage no matter how strong the arm holding it may be. In other cases (the lead pipe being a good example), the damage is a reflection of the arm strength. The stronger the arm, the more damage. So, if a weapon’s “damage” value is “arm + 2”, the total damage cause by that weapon is the amount of damage caused by the arm carrying it plus 2.
  • Are there going to be expansion packs?
    First, I’ll let you in on a little secret… Hacked Off is actually a three-player base game (Hacked Off) with two expansion packs (Hatchet Valley High and Sickle Street Armory) added in (each expansion pack adds another player). So you’re already getting a preview of what the expansion packs bring. And yes, there are two more expansion packs planned (though how quickly they move up in production depends heavily on how well the game sells).
  • Is there going to be a Kickstarter? I like doing things through Kickstarter.
    We could do expansion packs through a Kickstarter, if there’s enough interest. Is there enough interest? (note that we have a Contact Us page… ahem)