Drawing order from the chaos

Writers, filmmakers, artists, composers, actors, all are deeply creative people. And as creative people, they are constantly faced with challenges, struggles, and pitfalls.

How do they overcome these obstacles?

The Creative Draw offers a sample of solutions. Cards posing creative questions, drawn at random during the interview, create the conditions for an organic response.

That alone is worth the fun.

But there’s another thing. As more and more creatives reveal their inner workings, we discover underlying connections and common points. Ways in which many different disciplines all solve the same issues.

Can one learn to become more creative by learning how creative people push through to new thresholds? Maybe so, maybe so…


  • Cary Brown
  • Michael J. Epstein
  • Jeffrey Eyres
  • Jamal Hodge
  • Bill Kelley
  • Gwyn LaRee
  • Venita Ozols-Graham
  • Sam Peirce
  • Brian W. Smith
  • Curtis Threadgold
  • Max Zabell

Questions (linking to YouTube playlists)

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  • Director: Edward Martin III
  • Producer: Amber Bariaktari