Easy Reading for Difficult Devils – edited by Zachary T. Owen

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Strange things come down from the heavens.

A medical ward is full of patients who explode. A man must dispose of a corpse for his idiot brother. A little boy finds himself trapped beneath an outhouse.

These, and others, are the strange tales contained within Easy Reading for Difficult Devils, fast stories that leave your heart and body breathless.

This dark fiction anthology features stories by:

  • Bram Stoker
  • Kevin Sweeney
  • Brandon Lewis
  • Edward Martin III
  • Neil Peters
  • Darren Simpson
  • Tamara Rogers
  • Jonathan Persinger
  • Aurelio Rico Lopez III
  • Jack London
  • Philip Gorski
  • Ben Rutkowski
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Marjorie Lord
  • C. V. Hunt
  • Jamison VanLoocke
  • Jeremy Terry
  • Zachary T. Owen