Trigger Warning: Curses – Edited by Christine Morgan

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Sometimes, you’re warned. Sometimes, you should know better. Sometimes, you do know better and still do it anyway. Sometimes, you just piss off the wrong person. Maybe you’ve got it coming, or maybe you don’t deserve it.

The word curse evokes many things: folk horror and witches, cursed items or places, a cycle of familial abuse, hate, and violence.

These stories delve into a myriad of visions brought to life by some of the most twisted and brilliant minds in horror today.

A curse can be many things, but no matter what form it takes, it has one meaning: FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT


  • How To Shrug Off The Shoulder Man – Mike James Davis
  • Dead Breath – Shaun Avery
  • All’s Well That Ends Well – Y. Len
  • Aka Manto – Benjamin R. Barnes
  • Done With Love – Michael Subjack
  • The Hollow Man – Aisleen Sturrock
  • Expiation – D. M. Clarke
  • The Effigies of Tambor Square – Jon Michael Kelley
  • Djinn in a Bottle – David Wesley Hill
  • The Pinkish Mess of Infidelity – P.J. Blakey-Novis
  • That Time of the Curse – Edward Martin III
  • Pure Joy – Joe Scipione
  • The Bleeder – Susan Snyder
  • What Finally Ended the Jessup Curse – Douglas Ford
  • The Tooth – Saz