Harbinger – Published by NIWA

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A son encounters a strange bird while selling his mother’s house. A man goes out on a ledge to save his brother. A grieving mother is comforted by signs from the beyond. A widower receives a warning of impending doom. A garden offers a young wife hope. A visitor brings news of change.

Harbinger, the 2023 NIWA anthology, is a captivating collection of nineteen tales that revolve around the central theme of anticipation and foreboding. The stories represent various genres, from contemporary to mind-bending science fiction to bone-chilling horror.

The Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA) supports indie authors of the Pacific Northwest and promotes professional standards in independent writing, publishing, and marketing.

Showcasing works by:

  • Tom Larsen
  • William J. Cook
  • Minnette Meador
  • Joel Graves
  • Kimila Kay
  • A. M. Huff
  • Pamela Cowan
  • Judy Kiehart
  • Suzi Wiser
  • L. Wade Powers
  • Ro Knight
  • Cyn Ley
  • Patrick Dwyer
  • Samantha Waltz
  • Kamila Miller
  • Byrum Bolerjack
  • Jonathan Michael Erickson
  • Sheila Deeth
  • Edward Martin III