As part of the Lovecraft Under the Gun competition, Hellbender Media and Bullet Dance Films joined forces with a talented group of filmmakers and in a period of 72 hours, created a complex and terrifying “Slice of Life” story that includes the Major Players of the Lovecraft pantheon.


Shub-Niggurath: Kristin Barrett
Cthulhu: Gaelle Lola Beauvais
Hastur: Lien Mya Nguyen
Yig: Jason Reynolds
Azathoth: Donald Wright
Nyarlathotep: Kristin Barrett, Billy Burgess, Mike Burris, Jonah Calhoun, Colby Dahlstrom, John Hauptman, Jennifer Jordan, Bill Kelly, Patrick Kwan, Eric Anthony McMichael, Drake Roberts, Marisa Roberts-Hauptman, Nyssa Hope Rogers, Samm Rondeau, Raine Rucker, Asha Sawyer


Written and Directed by: Edward Martin III
Produced by: Amber Bariaktari
Produced by: Donald Wright
Director of Photography: Lisa Sherman
Assistant Director: Michael Harbour
Sound Mixer: Daniel Smith
Edited: Edward Martin III
Assistant Gaffer: Matt Brennan
Clapper Loader: Jonah Calhoun
Key Makeup: Nyssa Hope Rogers
Production Assistant: Colby Dahlstrom
Production Assistant: Eric Anthony McMichael
Production Assistant: Joe Rodgers
Production Assistant: Samm Rondeau
Production Assistant: Raine Rucker
Special Props: Brian Bloom
Runner: Patrick Sherman
Special thanks to: Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place
Special thanks to: Adobe Sound Library
Special thanks to: Video CoPilot
Special thanks to: The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival