Header_BloodInspired by a short story, His Great Power Toucheth Me, written on-the-fly at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Blood recasts the events of that story in the New World at the turn of the previous century, when the New World represented hope and dreams for everyone in the Old World -- including those who had best be staying in the Old World.

One of the things about scary campfire tales is that we always know they will eventually end, that the tale will spin to its end and then there will be a little rustling around as people shift their seats, and then the next person tells their story and the cycle begins again. Well, that's how it used to be...

Blood is Hellbender Media/Guerrilla Productions' most recent period piece, a terrifying pirate tale, as well as using a complicated pyrotechnic effect and a challenging location.


  • Sang: Mark Heimann
  • Luc: Shuhe Hawkins
  • Billee: Jeff MacKay
  • James: Kelly Farrah
  • Redgoat: Dan Clark
  • MacTavish: Kevin Stephenson
  • Crab's Scab: Robert "Cockroach" Blair


  • Writer/Director: Edward Martin III
  • Producer: Katrina L. Martin
  • Director of Photography: Ryan K. Johnson
  • Production Manager: Barclay Albright
  • Location Manager: Mark Heimann
  • Casting Director: Jeff MacKay
  • Music: DeLonde Bell
  • Editor: Lisa Sherman
  • Digital Effects/Compositing: Erik Mayne
  • Dolly Grip: Tyler Shaw
  • Pyrotechnic Effects: Andrew Garretson
  • Production Assistant: Michael Smith
  • Production Assistant: David DeMoss
  • Production Assistant: Darcy Yermolenko
  • Production Assistant: Rachel James
  • Clapper: Scott Hibbetts
  • Craft Services: Paige Gyldersleve
  • Set Photographer: Randy J. Foster

Production Diary

laurel_officialselection_500_wonb2013.04.07: Huzzah! The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival has accepted Blood to show in 2013. Our World Premiere!

2013.03.09: A few struggles with the final output stages, but it looks as if we are done!

2012.10.01: Music and sound design files back at Editor...

2012.06.30: Opening shot completed (but we might have to rein in an effect or two).

2012.06.09: Effects shot completed. Now to get these files back to the Editor!

2012.06.03: We meet and go over the video, start to finish. The opening shot is still pending available time from one of our crew, and I have an effect for the last shot to complete, but other than those two things, I'm calling the video locked.

2012.04.20: Files transferred back to editor...

2012.04.14: Okely dokely! I think I nailed the ending. Outputting files to send to my editor now. I don't envy her her task of finding out where the heck I nabbed those tiny reaction shots, but I figure if I give her my whole project file, she'll find 'em all. Had to slide some audio, too, but it all works and allows a little bit more breathing room at the end so the audience can catch up with what's going on. Woot! Arrr!

2012.03.03: Current cut looking pretty good. I'm having a real hassle with the ending. Trying to make it work with the footage we currently have...

2012.02.25: First cut reviewed. As with most first cuts, it's a lot of "Hm, that sequence isn't working -- let's get rid of it." Better to overshoot than undershoot! There's one piece, though, that we really need to completely dissect and rebuild from scratch. Had lots of discussion about that one. My task tomorrow, to go over the footage in-by-inch...

2011.12.03: Lisa's going over the footage. She has the storyboards and I think she'll nail the first cut pretty close. Looking forward to seeing it!

2011.11.15: Reviewed storyboards, layouts, and script with Lisa.

2011.10.20: Tapes turned over to our Stalwart Editrix. Had to wait for her to properly hook into her new office.

2011.09.24: After a year of delays, this sucker's in the can! Woot! The shoot went swimmingly. We were very dense for shooting, but everyone was nimble and we got everything we wanted.