What We Do

What do we make? We make things. Strange and wonderful things.

We make things that leave you puzzled, amused, and -- late at night after you've really had a good think about it -- terrified.

Someone's gotta do it. Might as well be us.

Feature FilmsHellbender Media is pleased to offer a variety of strange feature films, to complement our collection of strange short movies.
BooksBooks we love, and you might, too!
GamesHellbender Media offers many games and other diversions based on our various properties.
Short FilmsShort films are the poetry of moviemaking -- singularly emotive and fast!
Workshop FilmsThe hilarious results of our various workshops.
Audio DramasAudio dramas, podcasts, and other things which nestle hungrily in your ears!
Filmmaking TipsBorrow our brain -- save your headaches for your other job!