The Boneyard

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What goes on in the Boneyard? Does the night watchman stumble across an unearthed atrocity? Does a gravedigger find a relic that threatens mankind? Do the denizens of six feet below find better things to do when the proper stars align?

Join the authors of Barbwire Butterfly Books as we find out together...

...what lies in wait at The Boneyard.

How about a little frog? How about a bloody massive frog, straight from the pits of Hell?

A vast, bloodthirsty bug tears through the streets and a mountainous rhinoceros creature answers the prayers of a desperate man.

These abominations fight tooth and claw for your attention along with giant hounds, kangaroos, wasps and sea creatures. Then there’s ancient Mayan monsters, Lovecraftian terrors from beyond the realms of sanity and insidious beasts of every shape conjured up by human meddling.

Oh, and did we mention the platypus?

So here they are, seventeen stories, seventeen monsters, all here to delight and disgust you as they return to their Stomping Grounds!

The Boneyard contains the story Vows, reprinted from Close Your Eyes: Tales from the Blinkspace.