The Dead

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The Dead is about how we affect others. It’s about all the little and big changes that we make in the lives around us, sometimes through deliberate action, sometimes just by being ourselves.

The Dead answers the question everyone asks at one time or another: “Why bother -- who’s gonna care?” Everyone in The Dead is a person (or some group of people) facing their last moments with someone who has passed away. These are their confessions to the dead, their admissions to the dead, their thanks, their castigations, everything. This is all the marks left in existence by one person.

This is what remains. Not a body, or a will or a bit of dirt, but lives that have been changed and altered.



  • Alex: Stephanie Andreus (IMDB page)
  • Alisa: Tara Walker (IMDB page)
  • Annie: Gwendolyn Pearson
  • Arthur: John Smith
  • Ashley: Riley Heinonen
  • Belinda: Jennifer R. Jordan
  • Ben: Jeff Polier
  • Bill: Embry Johnson
  • Bruce: Antoine Collins (IMDB page)
  • Bryan: Mad Martian (IMDB page)
  • Caitlin: Heather Rose Pearson (IMDB page)
  • Casey: Rochelle Muzquiz
  • Christian: Brian J. Hunt (IMDB page)
  • Chuck: Donovan Etzel (IMDB page)
  • Dawn: Kate Macdonald
  • Eli: Max Zabell
  • Elizabeth: Katrina L. Martin (IMDB page)
  • Gene: Jake Heinonen
  • Hannah: Sarina Premi
  • Heather: Dana Shea (IMDB page)
  • Ian: Sean Topping (IMDB page)
  • Isabel: Marisa Roberts-Hauptman
  • James: Michael Harbour (IMDB page)
  • Jamie: Luella Hale
  • Janine: Raine Rucker
  • Jeff: Rex Irae (IMDB page)
  • Jeremy: John Branch (IMDB page)
  • Jones: Sandra Elliot
  • Julie: Brandie Sylfae (IMDB page)
  • Karli: Theora Moench (IMDB page)
  • Kathy: Susan Pethick
  • Katie: Lily Bennett
  • Korey: Jeff Richardson (IMDB page)
  • Kris: E. C. Mathews (IMDB page)
  • Krystal: Kristin Barrett (IMDB page)
  • Lara: Jeanne Mitchell (IMDB page)
  • Marcus: Donald Wright
  • Marti: Kevin Price
  • Maxi: Michelle M. Zabell
  • Mike: Lee Moyer (IMDB page)
  • Misty: Genesis Roberts
  • Mollie: Tracy Holland
  • Neil: Matthew Sunderland
  • Quinn: Gwyn LaRee (IMDB page)
  • Rachel: Wynee Hu (IMDB page)
  • Ray: Andrew Wakefield (IMDB page)
  • Reagan: Sophia Zabell
  • Rusty: Zak Campbell
  • Ruth: Elizabeth A. Zimmerman (IMDB page)
  • Sean: Brian Hutchins-Wright
  • Shelly: Dana Inouye
  • Sonia: Lisa Arden Wright
  • Stephanie: Amy Natalie Kammerer
  • Toby: James T. Price Jr.
  • Troy: Kenneth Ewing
  • Usher: Chloë Washburn
  • William: Greg Weber


  • Written & Directed: Edward Martin III (IMDb listing)
  • Story by Edward Martin III and Amber Bariaktari (IMDb listing)
  • Director of Photography: Ryan K. Johnson (IMDb listing)
  • Produced by: Katrina L. Martin (IMDb listing) and Amber Bariaktari
  • First Assistant Director: dQniel Kaufman
  • Script Supervisor: Anthony Pryor
  • Grip: Aaron Staley
  • Key Makeup: Raenell Jones (IMDb listing)
  • Second Assistant Director: Noah Hale
  • Second Second Assistant Director: Jim Smiley
  • Production Assistant: Raine Rucker
  • Production Assistant: Jeremy Phelps
  • Craft Services: Lynelle Wilcox
  • Editor: Ryan K. Johnson
  • Composer: Eric Nielsen (Eric's website)
  • Additional Music: Lou Stubecki
  • Post-Production Sound: Eric Nielsen
  • Color Correction: dQniel Kaufman
  • Special Props: David Eagles
  • Special Thanks: Laina Tomcko
  • Special Thanks: Elizabeth West
  • Special Thanks: Edward Aguon